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Relight Your Fire With 3 Sizzling Tights Styles

Posted by Miss Tights on 6th Jun 2022


Today’s blog is all about reconnecting with your inner passion for love and life. Here at Miss Tights, we sometimes hear tales of woe from people who are stuck in a rut, whether it’s due to a long-term relationship feeling stale, the daily grind of a 9-to-5 or simply the need for a wardrobe shake up and boost in confidence. At certain points in our lives, we all find ourselves doing the same things day after day, so why not step off the hamster wheel and try something new?

You know we’re all about the hosiery at Miss Tights. A knock-out pair of stockings or a luxurious pair of sheer tights may not change your life by themselves, but they sure as hell will make you feel incredible and help you rediscover the zest for life you thought you’d lost. So, check out these three stunning styles for three different scenarios and get ready to shake things up a bit!


Have you been in a relationship for years? Maybe you have young children or demanding jobs that naturally take your attention away from your partner and you’ve forgotten the good times? This is not a new predicament and if the answer is yes, then you need to find time to stop and remember. Give yourselves a night off from everyday life, rediscover what brought you together in the first place, find that passion from the early days and enjoy each other again! Nothing rekindles romance like a silky pair of luxurious stockings. Trasparenze are experts in the field and have a fine range to choose from. The Sara Stockings are a particular favourite at Miss Tights and will be a perfect treat for yourself and your partner on that all-important date night.

Shop the look:


It may be a bit of an overused media cliché, but the daily commute and 9-to-5 hours in a drab, dreary office is a very real reality for a lot of people. The constant water cooler gossip, the limp sandwich at your desk, the mind-numbing board meetings and unpaid overtime can really get to you after a while. If handing in your notice is not an option right now, the rat race may be a necessity that you have to get through, so why not do it in style! Struggle on, but look fantastic whilst you’re at it in a sharp new suit and these gorgeous micronet tights from Jonathan Aston. A fresh new look is half the battle and will give you added confidence to breeze through another day at work.Shop the look:


When you open your wardrobe, do you reach for the same old dress, the same reliable t-shirts and jeans that are older than you care to remember? Clothes can become like security blankets, something you reach for time and time again to ensure comfort, but that make you blend into the background. You may have promised yourself to throw it all out and start again, well what’s stopping you?! Now is as good a time as any, so why not start with these amazing bang-on-trend patterned tights from Gipsy to start off your new hosiery collection?

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We hope you feel inspired. Never be afraid to trust your instincts, even the smallest change in your life can make the biggest difference. Give it a try!

Until next time,

Miss Txx