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In a pair of tights, the brief section is the area that gives the illusion of underwear, but is a built-in reinforcement. As with normal underwear, they come in different styles, so let Miss Tights give you a breakdown of the terminology:

Boxer Brief

From the waist to thigh, the denier is heavier from the rest of the leg for added comfort, giving the look of a pair of boxer shorts. 

V-Line Brief

Again, the denier is heavier, but the v-line gives the look of classic v-shaped underwear.

Patterned Brief

This can be any of the above, but with added detail for a prettier or more modern look.

Sheer to Waist

From toe to waist, the denier remains the same, so there is no visible brief area.

So, whatever the occasion, there will always be a fabulous choice in your hosiery drawer to compliment any outfit.

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