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We at Miss Tights look to the Italian based Levante for the ultimate in creative, luxurious hosiery and are delighted to offer their beautiful products to our customers. Using only the highest quality material, but ensuring environmentally friendly production, Levante exceed our high expectations by providing one of the most beautiful and stylish ranges in the business.

Having such an extensive range that includes flawless ultra-sheer tights, classic fishnet stockings, super support hosiery, cosy 100 denier fine wool tights, sparkling heart hold ups and bang on trend anklet pop socks (to name but a few!) Levante have everything you need and more. Respected the world over and rightly so, they have been at the forefront of effortlessly elegant legwear for over 50 years, whilst continuing to produce innovative, fashionable and affordable products that are the envy of their rivals.        

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