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A pair of plain black opaque tights are almost as iconic as the Little Black Dress, and are indeed a perfect companion for it. A wardrobe staple for fashionistas across the globe, they will suit a multitude of outfits for any occasion, giving a beautifully flawless finish to your look, day or night. Deemed opaque from 40 denier and above, they are more durable than sheers and are less likely to ladder, but opaque hosiery now goes so much further than that.

Apart from the classic black, they are now available in a whole host of colours, patterns and finishes, meaning you can find a pair of opaque tights, stockings or hold ups for any season, any event or any mood. For the colder months, opaque’s can go up to 200+ denier to keep you cosy and stylish, with the option of beautiful velvet, cashmere or fleece-lined finishes. To make a bold fashion statement, there are many patterned tights to choose from, including dots, stripes, roses and many more. Or maybe you are after an incredible finish to enhance your outfit? How about metallic, satin, sparkle, glitter or matt? The options are endless and we at Miss Tights are thrilled to offer our customers an extensive range of opaque hosiery to browse through, produced by world renowned brands, as well as up-and-coming names in the industry. We have no doubt you will find all you desire and more.

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